Castello di Titignano was recommended to me by my wedding coordinator. I knew that I wanted to get married in Italy however I wanted some of the feel’s of home. I explicity wanted all guests staying in one location, with no buses or taxi’s needed the day of the wedding. I also wanted a small intimate chapel on the grounds and have the ability to eat outside. I wanted an early wedding (12.30 as I would have had at home) and no strict cut off time at 11pm. To say every dream came true is an understatement. The faciliated long term stay for my family and friends (5 days) they provided daily menu’s so people could decide if they wanted to eat at the hotel or at one of the nearby towns. Their wines were out of this world. The help and support they provided all guests was second to none. We trialled a new ‘cocktail cashless bar’ which seemed to work well, we had a slight hiccup with guests being confused on giving their room number to pay for drinks. Unfortunately on the day it was raining so we ended up celebrating inside, however the hotel did their best to leave it as late as possible to have to make this decision on the day. They also helped cater a cake for my parents who were 40 years married. I wanted my guests to be able to stay up to 5 days so booked a mid week wedding, however it would be worth asking if they could do the same over the weekend (I organised my wedding in 6 months, so there is a lot of questions that I should have asked but didn’t think at the time 🙂 ). I am no married 9 months and all my guests still talk about what an amazing time they had at the wedding. The food, the wine, the views, the band, how they all managed to relax and chill out as well as celebrate a wedding. They said it felt like a 5 day wedding :). Highly recommend this location – the accomadation is something to be seen – every room completely different from the next.

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