About us


Tenuta di Salviano thrums with rich history that’s peopled with ancient Romans and Etruscans, Italian nobility, the Catholic church and to local Umbrian citizens. Salviano began as a Roman villa with a prime position along an ancient route between Lazio and Umbria. In 937 A.D. the Montmarte family built Castello di Titignano, on the opposite side of the river Tevere valley, still part of the property and still standing today, as a testament to the value of the property and the contests waged over it, primarily between the Guelph Orvieto and Ghibelline Todi.


By the year 1200, Salviano’s grounds were home to 29 families, with more than 140 residents living within the castle walls. In the mid-fourteenth century, the castle was sacked, but peace was restored by the end of the century when the Salviano family was entrusted with the property, and over the next two centuries, Salviano’s rolling green lands were owned by various entities, including the Cenci of Rome, the Graziani of Perugia, the counts of Baschi, and the Petrignani. In 1650, Prince Corsini purchased the Salviano estate from the Apostolic Chamber, or papal treasury. Possessing economic interests in both Florence and Rome, the Corsini family had the financial stability to invest massively in agriculture in Umbria and particularly focusing on fine wine — in fact, in 1730 Pope Clemente XII was so impressed that he had Salviano wine shipped to his personal cellar in Rome.

The Incisa della Rocchetta family

The Salviano estate came into the hands of the Incisa della Rocchetta family in the twentieth century, when Donna Nerina Corsini married Marchese Enrico Incisa della Rocchetta. In 2015, the estate passed to her children, Giovanni and Eleonora, who embarked upon meticulous, detailed renovations of the grounds, wine cellar, and surrounding buildings; sadly, Eleonora passed away in early 2020, but Giovanni continues to carry on her passionate legacy, aided by his wife, Tara, and the talented Salviano team.

Current Ownership

Formally founded in the fifteenth century, Tenuta di Salviano is the passion project of Marchesi Giovanni and Tara Incisa della Rocchetta, who assumed control of the 2.500-hectare Orvietan estate in 2015. Giovanni is a third-generation winemaker and the grandson of Sassicaia’s creator, Marchese Mario Incisa della Rocchetta, while Tara comes to Salviano with almost two decades of marketing and wine experience; together, they have created Salviano as a love-letter to Umbria and a lasting testament to Giovanni’s sister, Eleonora, with whom Giovanni ran the estate until her passing in 2020.